We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

I am writing to thank Best Value Hearing Care Center for providing your excellent services in Ashe County at the Ashe Services for the Aging. My ENT doctor told me more 2.5  years ago that I needed hearing aids. I said I would call back for an appointment but did not. BUT every time I went to the Senior Center to plays cards or attend meetings, I was reminded that I could just stop in to see your hearing specialist, Jon Richardson. Finally, after returning from a family trip frustrated from my lack of interaction due to family members “whispering,” I decided to make an appointment with Jon. That was six months ago.

Every morning when I insert my Audibel hearing aids, I feel like I am reconnecting to the world.  It took me about 8 weeks to adjust to having the devices in my ears. But the time and energy I spent making the adjustment was well worth it. My family members were neither whispering nor muttering! Thank you again for offering your services in Ashe County and for the on-going care, batteries, and teaching provided by Jon Richardson and by your scheduling staff.
Linda Worsham-Scottville, NC
Since retiring and moving to Hickory, I knew my hearing was slowly deteriorating. My only regret is that I did not take advantage of this wonderful technology earlier.
Gene Morgan-Hickory, NC
After visiting two local hearing centers, I was about ready to give up. However, my family insisted that I do something to improve my hearing. When I went to Best Value, Jeff gave me the best and most complete hearing test out of all the other places I had been. He was patient and answered all of my questions so that I could understand. He made several suggestions but did not pressure me in any way. Because I felt I could trust him, I bought the hearing aids that he suggested and could not be more pleased with the results.
Ann Hardin-Gastonia, NC
My wife, Mary and I had struggled with hearing loss for several years. It became more and more embarrassing to have to ask people to repeat themselves. Even though the economy was poor and funds were in short supply, we decided to give each other hearing aids, as our anniversary presents for our 61st wedding anniversary. We chose Best Value Hearing Care Centers in Lenoir to assist us because we wanted the best quality hearing aids at the best value possible. We certainly were not disappointed, but on the contrary, were very impressed with the tireless efforts of the staff to fit us with quality hearing aids for our exact individual needs. We placed an order and the hearing aids arrived September 23, 2011— on our wedding anniversary! We experience the same tireless efforts of the staff in the short adjustment period as we became accustomed to wearing the hearing aids. The staff did the fine tuning and minor adjustments that were necessary for perfect performance Our only regret is our procrastination and not availing ourselves of this help years earlier. It’s like reclaiming a part of you that has been missing for years. We highly recommend Best Value Hearing Care Center in Lenoir.
Herb Miller-Lenoir, NC
I have been receiving services with the Young family since 1995. They are very personable and their service is superb! Jon Richardson is a great asset to the company. I highly recommend Best Value Hearing Care Center to anyone who wants to be a part of the world of hearing!
Millie Kinlaw-North Wilkesboro, NC
I knew my hearing wasn’t perfect, but I had no idea how bad it was. Jeanie Little took the time and explained everything to me during my exam. Within 24 hours of getting my new ears, a whole new world opened up to me! This is something I should have taken care of years ago.
Dennis Baron-Statesville, NC
I have had hearing problems most of my life with ringing in my ears. I had never tried to get help thinking there was none. As a Pastor of a church and working at a funeral home, this became a great problem as my hearing diminished. One day I decided to try and get help which I did (thank God!) I now have 92-94% of my hearing. If someone offered me a large sum of money for what I’ve gained. I would refuse it! This is the best investment I have ever made!
James Greer-West Jefferson, NC
I wear the Range RIC hearing aids in both ears I love them — there is no noise when I am outside with the wind blowing! I hear well on the telephone. When I walk into my tractor repair shop, my Range’s adjust themselves and I do nothing! They are as close to the hearing that God gave me as you can get!
Floyd Sigmon- Sherrills Ford, NC
I have worn hearing aids for over 15 years. My Audibel hearing aids are by far superior to anything I’ve ever had —particularly for clarity and hearing in wind and background noise. The service is incomparable to any I’ve received anywhere!
Ken Isenhour-Claremont, NC
We have recently moved to the Morganton, MC area and I am now receiving my hearing aid services from Stephen Estes and Linda. I cannot say good enough things about how Stephen has improved the functionality of my new A4 hearing aids. He listened to my questions and made changes that greatly improved my successful use of these aids. Thank you so much! Thanks also to Linda for contacting me to welcome me to this area and for her timely scheduling of my cleaning appointments. You guys are wonderful!
Ruth M.
I had never had hearing aids until I heard about these. I visited and had my ears checked and was satisfied. I really like the friendly attitude of all that have helped me, especially Jim. He is so friendly and helpful. They know what you need and are so helpful in satisfying those needs.
Brett H.
I started off getting hearing aids at a well known place and spent quite a bit of money. That was a while ago. I was having all sorts of problems, such as not hearing clearly and not hearing at all. I decided to try Best Value Hearing Care Center and they did not pressure me at all. They worked with me as I really didn’t get a lot of information from the former place I went. They helped me to get them so I could finally hear clearly, they answered all of my questions, and I got a lot of free hearing aid batteries. They also are there to help you, just a phone call away. Best Value Hearing Care Center cleans your hearing aids and checks them every three months, for no extra charge.
Pat B.
I needed a hearing aid in my left ear, as the one I owned was no longer working. I called the Best Value Hearing Care Center in Hickory, and was set-up with an appointment. I met with James P. Young the hearing care practitioner, and he spent so much time explaining and showing me the hearing aid which he felt would serve me the best! When my hearing aid arrived and I went back to get fit, James spent so much time explaining how the hearing aid has different programs on it, and he made certain that what I was hearing was comfortable with me. He made a few changes so I could hear things the way I needed to, and was comfortable to me.
Dee B.
I am so grateful to Best Value Hearing Care Center for their careful, courteous, and practical evaluation of my dad’s hearing aid needs. Best Value’s professional staff went out of their way to provide an accurate assessment and beneficial advice to our family. Highly recommended!
Susan M.

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